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12 Search Results for Alexandria, Lorez

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vinyl Alexandria, Lorez:
A Woman Knows
purchase A Woman Knows Discovery / \'79 so so 0

cd Alexandria, Lorez:
Alexandria the Great
purchase Alexandria the Great 5

cd Alexandria, Lorez:
Early in the Morning / Deep Roots

cd Alexandria, Lorez:
For Swingers Only
purchase For Swingers Only Argo/\'63 I've been looking for this recording ever since I first started listening to jazz... Baltimore Oriole is one of the Greatest Songs known to man... seriously. This album is the shizzle 6

mp3 Alexandria, Lorez:
Harlem Butterfly
Discovery/'84 4

purchase I

vinyl Alexandria, Lorez:
In a Different Bag
Pazz Records/? awesome... swingin\' and groovy 5.5

cd Alexandria, Lorez:
Lorez Sings Pres: a Tribute to Lester Young
purchase Lorez Sings Pres: A Tribute to Lester Young sold

vinyl Alexandria, Lorez:
More of the Great Lorez Alexandria
purchase More of the Great Lorez Alexandria Impulse\'64

vinyl Alexandria, Lorez:
Singing Songs Everyone Knows
purchase Singing Songs Everyone Knows Sing\?

cd Alexandria, Lorez:
Star Eyes
purchase Star Eyes

cd Alexandria, Lorez:
This Is Lorez / Lorez Sings Prez
purchase This Is Lorez/Lorez Sings Pres

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