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Bing Crosby

vinyl Crosby, Bing:
Bing Crosby and Friends
HRB/? Recordings from Bing Crosby's Radio Show. Fun old stuff. 4.5

vinyl Crosby, Bing:
Bing: A Musical Autobiography 1941-1944
purchase A Musical Autobiography Decca\?

vinyl Crosby, Bing:
Feels Good, Feels Right
London/'76 0

vinyl Crosby, Bing:
Merry Christmas
purchase Merry Christmas Decca\? scratchy

vinyl Crosby, Bing:
Shillelaghs and Shamrocks
Decca/? good period music 4.5

vinyl Crosby, Bing:
The Greatest Hits of Bing Crosby
MF Productions/'77 compilation, obviously 4.5

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