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21 Search Results for Lateef, Yusef

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mp3 Lateef, Yusef:
African-American Epic Suite
from e-music 0

mp3 Lateef, Yusef:
At Cranbrook and Elsewhere

vinyl Lateef, Yusef:
purchase Autophysiopsychic CTI\7082

cd Lateef, Yusef:
Eastern Sounds
purchase Eastern Sounds

vinyl Lateef, Yusef:
Jazz for the Thinker
Savoy/'84 Love it. Really Great Lateef mastering Rudy Van Gelder 5.5

cd Lateef, Yusef:
Live at Pep's
purchase Live at Pep

mp3 Lateef, Yusef:
Live in Minneapolis
Yusef Lateef with Roscoe Mitchell, Douglas Ewart and Adam Rudolph - live in Minneapolis 2008 YUSE 0

mp3 Lateef, Yusef:
Other Sounds
from e-music 4.5

vinyl Lateef, Yusef:
Part of the Search
purchase Part of the Search Atlantic\?

cd Lateef, Yusef:
Prayer to the East
purchase Prayer to the East

vinyl Lateef, Yusef:
impulse/'65 0

vinyl Lateef, Yusef:
Suite 16
purchase Suite 16 Atlantic\?

cd Lateef, Yusef:
The Blue Yusef Lateef
purchase The Blue Yusef Lateef

vinyl Lateef, Yusef:
The Centaur and the Pheonix
purchase The Centaur and the Phoenix Riverside\'60

cd Lateef, Yusef:
The Centaur and the Phoenix
purchase The Centaur and the Phoenix

vinyl Lateef, Yusef:
The Complete Yusef Lateef
Atlantic/'68 very good Y.L. not a compilation 5

vinyl Lateef, Yusef:
The Dedication Series vol. XIII: The Live Session
Impulse/'78 same session as Live at Pep's 4

vinyl Lateef, Yusef:
The Diverse Yusef Lateef
purchase The Diverse Yusef Lateef Atlantic\?

vinyl Lateef, Yusef:
The Doctor Is In... and Out
Atlantic/'76 0

cd Lateef, Yusef:
The Gentle Giant
purchase The Gentle Giant

mp3 Lateef, Yusef:
Yusef Lateef's Detroit

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