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18 Search Results for Morgan, Lee

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vinyl Morgan, Lee:
All the Way
Sunset/? 0

cd Morgan, Lee:
purchase Cornbread great...

cd Morgan, Lee:
purchase Delightfulee (Reis) really great... one of my favorites.

mp3 Morgan, Lee:
Dizzy Atmosphere
pretty good old-sounding album. Reminds me of, "Coltrane: The Bethlehem Years" from e-music 5

cd Morgan, Lee:
purchase Infinity another great line up - billy mitchell, Jackie McLean, Larry Willis sold

vinyl Morgan, Lee:
Live at the Lighthouse
Blue Note/* wrong jacket

cd Morgan, Lee:
Live at the Lighthouse - 3 discs
purchase Live at the Lighthouse a great live date

cd_b Morgan, Lee:
More Birdland Sessions - featured with Art Blakey + the Jazz Messengers

mp3 Morgan, Lee:
Take Twelve
pretty good. Reminds me a lot of the "Coltrane: The Bethlehem Years", big band sound from e-music 4

vinyl Morgan, Lee:
Take Twelve
purchase Take Twelve Jazzland\?

mp3 Morgan, Lee:

cd Morgan, Lee:
The Gigolo
purchase The Gigolo pretty good...

cd Morgan, Lee:
The Last Session
purchase The Last Session awesome... with Grachan Moncur III, Billy Harper, Bobbi Humphrey, Harold Mabern, Jymie Merritt, Reggie Workman and Freddie Waits - what a line up!

vinyl Morgan, Lee:
The Procrastinator
Blue Note\'78 morgan at his best with a great lineup - Shorter, Hancock, Hutcherson, Priester, Mabern, G. Coleman, etc (reissue) 2 records 4

cd Morgan, Lee:
The Rajah
purchase The Rajah great...

cd Morgan, Lee:
The Rumproller
purchase The Rumproller

cd Morgan, Lee:
The Search for a New Land
purchase Search for the New Land great..

cd Morgan, Lee:
The Sixth Sense
purchase The Sixth Sense

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