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mp3 Rivers, Sam:
Black Africa: Villalago - Perugia
Villagio and Perugia, I think, are normally separate albums 0

cd Rivers, Sam:
purchase Contours great

cd_b Rivers, Sam:
Dimensions and Expansions
purchase Dimensions and Extensions

cd Rivers, Sam:
Fuchsia Swing Song
purchase Fuchsia Swing Song great

mp3 Rivers, Sam:
Great 5.5

vinyl Rivers, Sam:
Blue Note\* really good albums. with Andrew Hill, J.C. Moses, Cecil McBee, and more - the second record is actually an unreleased Andrew Hill session from the 60's, which was eventually (2007?) released under Hill's name titled, 'Change' two records 0

mp3 Rivers, Sam:
Live in Foggia 1980

mp3 Rivers, Sam:
Live in Pescara '76

mp3 Rivers, Sam:
Live in Philadelphia 1976

cd_b Rivers, Sam:
New Conceptions

vinyl Rivers, Sam:
Fluid Records\'77

mp3 Rivers, Sam:
Sam Rivers Trio at The Warsaw summer Jazz Days - WSJD 6-24-00

vinyl Rivers, Sam:
The Dedication Series/ Vol XII - The Live Trio Sessions
Impulse/'74 awesome

cd Rivers, Sam:
purchase Waves awesome

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